Welcome to Turkish DNA Project

A community research project that was originally found under Family Tree DNA to collect, analyze and publish genetic data of ethnic Turkish people. 

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Gedmatch based ADMIXTURE averages of Anatolian and Balkan Turks

Regional/Provincial averages of East Eurasian autosomal components and  Medieval Turkic genetic impact among various Turkish regions/groups 

Y-DNA and mtDNA results of Anatolian and Balkan Turks


What is the aim of this project?

Help out people who wants to discover their genetic origins, learn about the genetic profile of ethnic Turkish people and different ethnic/demographic groups in Turkey to guide future academic studies on the relevant fields.

How are these data being collected?

Through people who have taken a DNA test and share their required personal information and data with us. We cannot reveal our applicants for privacy reasons though anyone can follow our Facebook group to see shared results by their owners.

How do we know that your results are reliable?

Turkish DNA Project only uses publicy available academic based tools fot its stats and published genetic results such as ADMIXTURE (available publicly on Gedmatch), EIGENSOFT smartPCA (G25 library) and etc. 

Are Turks Native Anatolian people that went through an assimilation process?

Genetic data clearly shows that ethnic Turkish people harbor significant amount of Central Asian ancestry that separates them from their neighbors. For more information on this subject read our blog post here.

Are commercial DNA tests banned in Turkey?

No, currently there is no legal obstacle for anyone to buy and send their DNA samples to commercial companies. Our project still collects data and assists people for the process.

Is this project funded?

No, Turkish DNA Project is a completly open, community collaboration based project with no funding support from any third party organization.